Friday, January 11, 2008

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

I am disgusted!!! I am SO sick of the hypocrisy of people it makes me want to vomit! Anyone who knows me knows I am not out to win any popularity contests. My few solid close friends- the ones who I can count on no matter what is going on on their lives or mine- are far more important to me than having a slew of cronies. Depth has always been far more important to me than width. I am aware of the scripture of how Jesus found favor with God and man as he grew and also if at all possible live in peace with one another; but I tell ya, to live at peace with most people in this world is to be totally against God. It is getting harder and harder to do both. Rarely will anyone have to guess if I am for you or against you; I'm pretty transparent. And I hate it when believing people seek to be friends with the world. Hello?!?!? Be in it, not of it, remember? GAG!! Yet, over and over again people choose the popular and/ or easier road instead of the right road. And then have the nerve to shove it in your face! They parade it around like it's okay. Tacky, tacky, tacky! Blatant disregard of honesty, righteousness, and faithfulness gets my blood boiling and is enough for me to be done! So, now I am!

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